What is Creative Therapy

Creative Therapy sessions offer opportunities for exploring and expressing feelings and experiences. During the sessions you may find you are thinking about things in the present, from the past or for the future. The choice of medium is up to you, writing, art-work, puppets or drama. There are small world materials for constructing and sensory materials for exploring. How much you choose to share with your therapist as you work with materials is up to you. Your therapist is there to be alongside you or to be invited into the play.

Sessions usually last between 45 minutes and one hour. During the course of your sessions the therapist may meet with parents, carers, social workers or school staff. These meetings will be discussed with you and together you and your therapist will decide what you feel would be helpful to tell to those who care for you.

If at any time your therapist feels you are not safe, or that a situation or a relationship is, or has been, putting you at risk, that information will be shared with the appropriate people. Again if this should happen your therapist will let you know what will be shared and with whom.

How you choose to use the time and the materials in your sessions will be confidential, unless you are happy to share this information with others. Therapy sessions may be helpful to you in thinking about choices and reactions, while this may sometimes be difficult, it can also be fun!