Starting Play Therapy

Toby hadnt been feeling quite right for a while. He didnt really know how he felt, and was not sure where he felt it. But Toby knew he didnt want to feel like this, whatever it was.

Toby's family and teachers seemed to know he didnt feel quite right and asked him questions like,

Is something worrying you?
Do you feel sad?

Are you angry about something?
How can we help you?

Toby was not sure he knew the answers to these questions, and he wasnt sure he wanted to tell anyone anyway, even if he knew!

One day Toby's mum told him she was taking him to see someone who might help him to feel better.

Not more questions! thought Toby.
Not another person wanting me to cheer up and be nicer to everyone

Toby's mum introduced him to Joan, his new play therapist. Joan asked Toby if he would like to come into the playroom and look at the things that were there that he could play with over the next few weeks. Toby walked into the room. He was not sure what to do. Have you got any cars? he asked. You think you might like to play with the cars when you come here replied Joan. You can look in all the drawers and boxes and find out what is here.

Toby had a look around and thought he might like to play with some of the things he could see. Joan told him he was going to come every week and play there with her, and that he could choose what he did.

Joan did not ask how she could help, or how he was feeling, but she did say that it would be his special time, just for him, and that it might help to sort out some muddles and to find ways of understanding things better.

Mum asked Toby if he wanted to see Joan for a few weeks. At last, a question Toby knew the answer to! And Toby didnt mind telling his mum and Joan either.

Yes please!